February 22, 2011

Exhausting Coquille Weekend

A small rockslide on the way to the river was just a preview of what was to come later on.  We fished the Coquille River all day Saturday and Sunday.  Started off fishing good holes, but the water was muddy from a rock slide.  We moved up river above the slide and fished for a couple hours before hooking into my first fish.  A six inch par.  About thirty minutes later, hooked up again.  This time it was a beautiful, wild steelhead.  About 8 1/2 pounds, she fought for about 15 minutes.  Never had another hook up for the rest of the weekend.  On the way back though, we came to where the rockslide was that we had passed on the way to the river Saturday.  Only this time it was a much bigger deal.  With the road closed, we had to go into Coos Bay, up to Reedsport (where we stopped at the elk viewing location), to Elkton, and finally back to I-5 in Sutherline.



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  2. Holy crap that is a lot of elk, I used to live in Jackson Hole where we had the elk refuge which was cool. Great steelhead too! You got a new follower so lets see more of your excursions :)